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The cutest nostalgia!

I love these, they are adorable and I'm new to stamping but they were easy to use and I love the layered images!

First time using, won't be the last

I have long natural nails and went through a phase of having my nails done at a salon which wrecked them. It's taken 6 months but they are now strong again so I wanted to try nail wraps as they were not supposed to damage your nails. I went for 'I need space' as the design is lovely. It took me about 40 minutes to apply the wraps (I was initially a bit cak-handed but once I got the method sorted, the second hand went much quicker). I was delighted with the finished result and I had so many compliments. I took them off after 2.5 weeks, not because they looked worn, but because my nails had grown. I think they would have lasted another week if I wasn't so bothered about the new nail growth showing. Removal was stress free. I didn't have cuticle oil but baby oil did the job. I applied the oil, let it soak for a minutes or two then used a cuticle pusher to gently prise from the edges of the wraps. They came off without causing any damage to my nails! I was extremely impressed and definitely recommend this brand. The photos show the wraps after they had been on my nails for a week.


Great summer plate!

Fun plate

As all Moyou plates quality is the best.


Cute colour :)


These nail strips are brilliant. Quick and easy to use. Look very natural.
Cure a few times to make sure they are hard

Gorgeous bag

Bag is cute, waterproof. Compact yet loads of room for the lamp and several nail choices

Black with hearts

These are great. They look fantastic and stay on my nails for so long. Will buy again.

Really disappointed

I love moyou designs and nails. This the first design I have been disappointed with and even contemplating removing. Like other reviews mention, the tip colour starts too high up the nail so there is hardly any colour at the top of the nail once the nail has been shaped.

Love them

Really lovely. Lasted 3 weeks...only took off because nails had grown too lots of compliments too.

Lovely great design

Love it...the fold out leg design means that it takes up hardly any space. Perfect if you want to take on holiday


Loved this design. Had lots of comments about them!
So easy to apply. Look professional, no more salons for me. They last 3 weeks + and do not chip or peel. Highly recommend these

Gel Toe Strip ★ Candy Shop


Love these nails! This shade is gorgeous and these have really helped my nails grow stronger

Gel Nail Strip ★ @rebekahxpritchard 05


The designs are amazing, something for everyone. They’re so easy to apply and remove with no nail damage at all. Very happy, will be using these from now on.

Too thick

These nails are too thick and I don’t like the white backs. Only stayed on 1 day . Will not buy again


Love these gel strips - so easy to use and still look fantastic three weeks later. Easy to remove and replace too. I’ve tried dipping powders and found them messy, time-consuming and then a nightmare to remove, but these gel strips are just excellent! Love them and highly recommend.


I love this colour.


I have used sooo many of these nails and I recommend them to everyone. I always get compliments and I’m so happy to tell people where to get them. I have a physical, outside job and they always stay on really well. One set lasted 4 weeks!