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3 in 1 ✦ Super Clear Rectangular Stamper
Natasha Stallings Stallings
Great products

I love the plates I received I will definitely be back! I'm officially hooked on MOYOU LONDON!!!!

I love Moyou

I’ve been using Moyou strips for a while now and honestly they’re just amazing. These lace ones are so pretty and perfect for a wedding! I love how easy they are to use, how quick they go on and the fact they last as long as my old gel manicures. They’re saving me so much money! The designs are unreal, I have trouble picking each week when new ones come out! Please never change. I don’t think I could cope without them anymore! :)

Game changing

I am actually useless at applying nail polish and have no time for nail salons. This was a revelation. Great variety and so easy to apply. And they last for 2weeks!

Gels and lamp

Fantastic gel nails, easy to apply and really long lasting. Lamp small and compact, and works perfectly!

Love, love, love

Been using Moyou strips for a long time now and I’m a huge fan of the product. They could easily last 3 weeks but I always take them off after 2 as don’t like the growth and I’m always itching to get a new design on. So easy to use and I’ve got the application down to 30mins.

Tom & Jerry 01
Angel Russell
Big 1st haul

I heard so ma y good things ago these these plates still after 3 years of wanting to try them! These plates are amazing and the art work on the back is neat as well! My first time ordering and I ordered like 15 lol. These are tge plate plates I used so far!



It's Amazing!

Works so well and the design is so cute. I had it on attending a wedding it its so cute! They were quick to apply and lasts for very long. Easy to remove afterwards too. Will buy again

Seeing stars!

I love this design from Moyou! Works great as a full set of as a feature nail when mixed with a hand of plain gel colours.

Ordered it again

Really like this one. Lovely, subtle green and looks really good on. Liked it so much I’ve ordered another pack.

Love the products

Love the products BUT NOT happy with the buy 4 with 33 percentage of (£39.00)
Just 1p of free postage so end paying postage extra

Lovely products

Absolutely love the gel strips BUT NOT happy about the buy 4 for 33 per discount
Just 1p under the free postage so end paying postage

Brilliant, been on two weeks now and so many compliments

Been using moyou nails now for months. Absolutely love them. Cannot fault them


Really easy to use and looked great love everything about all of it!

Sadly these fell off shortly after application.

Disappointed as these fell off very soon after applying- I know I did it right as I previously used the MoYou strips in Cinnamon Bun and they lasted about two weeks. Gutted as these were a lovely colour.

Didn’t last well on me

After a couple of days I noticed that the clear gel had started to L lift leaving the thin layer of red colour stuck on my nail which didn’t last long without the clear get over the top. Looked good though when first done

Great look for any outfit

Have been using these stick on gel nails for quite a while now. These are one of my favourites and will look to purchase again. Had these on for about a week now and they are still looking freshly done.

Beautiful nails

Loved this print so much I bought it again. Easy to apply and last well.

LOVE in Caps!

The Nails are very pretty and easy to put on. Nearly two weeks and still look perfect. I have ordered 3 more!

1 week in - seriously impressed!

I’ve been having gel nails at a salon for the last three years straight without a break. After several price increases and it always been so difficult to try and get an appointment around work and childcare, I spent a few weeks looking for alternatives. I read up about the nail dip powder, but it seems really damaging for nails and impossible to get off. Then I found these.

I was dubious whether these would last. I stuck them on pretty easily although made a little mess by trying to clip off with nail clippers instead of scissors. The nail clippers kept pulling up on the nail sticker as it was getting stuck in the clipper .

I put them under the light three times because I didn’t feel confident they were going hard enough. I kept putting my thumb nail under my index finger nail sticker to see how easily it would lift and the glue still felt quite soft. I avoided getting my nails wet for a few hours afterwards, and by the evening they did feel hard, so I think giving them time to set after the light really helps. The index finger nail sticker always had a slight lift in it - which was my fault for picking at it to see how set it was in the first 5 minutes.

I’m one week and one day into wearing this set, and this morning my one index finger nail sticker popped off. This is the one that I kept picking up on the first day to see how easy it was to lift. I’m surprised it lasted a week to be honest, the rest of my nails are still going strong with no sign of lifting.

Super easy and long lasting

For a first time user I was amazed at how easy these were to apply. As someone with Chronic fatigue I could do a few then rest but they were super simple to apply. I was ultra careful for the first few days as nervous of damaging them but they lasted really well

Great nails

I love using these strips, they are very easy to apply and much cheaper than going to the salon


Absolutely love these! I was a little skeptical but could not be more impressed. Easy to apply, look so professional and, equally easy yo remove with no damage to my nails. Never need to have a manicure again, these will now be my go to!

Good Quality Product

These are a god-send, makes life a lot easier!