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Crystal Clear ★ Gel Nail Strip

Crystal Clear ★ Gel Nail Strip

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BUY 3 STRIPS and GET 1 LAMP FREE ★ USE CODE: FREELAMP (Add the UV lamp in your basket and apply code / one use per customer)


Decorate your nails with beautiful patterns and stunning designs with MoYou London's Gel Strips Semi-cured Nail Strips!

MoYou London Gel Nail Strips are applied similarly to nail wraps, but they are made of real gel polish and therefore lasts for up to 3 weeks without damaging the nail. 

✦  Amazing nails in seconds without having to leave the house. 

✦  Each box comes with 20 individual nail strips with different widths to adapt to your nails + nail file + orange stick.

✦  Requires UV/LED Lamp to cure the nails.

✦  Easy to apply (like stickers) and remove.

✦  Perfect for holidays, weddings, special events, or your everyday life!

✦  Gel Nail Strips are cost saving. They offer amazing results for roughly a third of the price of other alternatives. 

With MoYou London Gel Nail Strips you can get fresh-looking nails without visiting the nail salon or spending hours designing your nails.

There is hardly any damage to the nail! The products are semi-cured which means they have been hardened by a UV light during production (not on the nails!), so you get a gel strip which can be applied as a sticker. It’s easy to remove with a wooden stick which you can dip in acetone. 

How To

What you'll need :

MoYou London Gel Nail Wrap

MoYou London UV/LED Lamp

★ Scissors or nail clippers

★ Cotton pads

★ Acetone

How to apply the nail wraps:

1) Wash your hands with soap and make sure your cuticles are pushed back.

2) Wipe your nails with acetone to remove any oil and let them dry.

3) Open your MoYou London Gel Nail Strips and take out the contents.

4) Select the right size for each of your nails and cuticle shape.

5) Remove the clear film that protects the individual gel strip you wish to apply.

6)Carefully lift the gel strip off the film.

7) Place the strip close to your cuticle without touching it.

★If the wrap doesn't fit your nail you can stretch it!

8) Press down firmly onto the nail to smooth out any air bubbles or wrinkles.

9) Trim any excess of the strip with scissors or nail clippers.

10) File the nail with the strip for a smooth finish.

11) Make sure the strips do not exceed your nail length.

12) Using MoYou London UV/LED lamp cure the strips for 60 seconds (it may take longer) to harden them. Cure up to 3 times if needed.

How to remove the nail wraps:

1) Apply nail acetone around the edge of the strips.

2) Wet the orange stick in acetone and use it to gently lift the strip and slowly get it off your nail. Slowly slide the orange stick under the strip back and forth until it easily comes off. Use more acetone if necessary.

★Avoid lifting the strips harshly to prevent nail damage.

3) Use a cotton pad with acetone to clean your nails.


All our Gel Nail Strips are 24mm long. The width goes from 8.5 mm for the smallest size to 16mm for the largest.

You can stretch the stickers a little with your fingers before applying them on your nails to make sure they fit!


✦  If you think a nail strip won't fit your nail, you can strech it gently with your fingers before applying it.

✦  Avoid contact with water during the first hour after curing your nail wraps.

✦  You can stamp over the gel strips!

✦  After removal, let your nails breathe for a few days before applying any other nail product.

✦  You can apply gel top coat at the end for extra shine!


MoYou London Gel Nail Strips are vegan, toxin free, cruelty free, odor free, glue and resin free. 

Polyacrylics Acid (9003-01-4)(10-20), Acrylates copolymer (25212-88-8)(60-70), Glycerine propoxylate triacrylate (52408-84-1)(1-15), Isopropylthioxanthone (5495-84-1)(3-5).

May contain: D&C Red NO.6 Barium Lake (5858-81-1), D&C Red NO.7 Calcium Lake (5281-04-9), FD&C Yellow NO.5 Aluminum Lake (1924-21-0), D&C Yellow NO.10 (68814-04-0), FD&C Blue NO.9 Aluminum Lake (68921-42-6), Black Iron Oxide (1317-61-9), Titanium Dioxide (13463-67-7), Aluminum Powder (7429-90-5), Bismith Oxychloride (7787-59-9), Mica (12001-26-2), Fragrance Compound.

Care Instructions

● Store in a cool, dry place.

● Keep away from fire.

● When not in use, keep MoYou London Gel Nail Strips in their protective sleeve.

Shipping & Returns




Tracked Shipping via DHL, price is calculated at check-out based on location and weight.

Please allow 1-3 business days to dispatch your order.

Duty charges maybe applied at the discretion of customs. These charges differ from country to country and are the customer's responsibility.

We are unable to ship nail polish, latex or topcoat to Hawaii, Alaska and any surrounding USA territory.  Any purchase of these items will result in an automatic refund and the rest of your items will be shipped.

Please note: Any order that may have a sold out item(s) during time of packing will be dispatched without item(s) and refund accordingly


Tracked Shipping via DHL, price is calculated at check-out based on location and weight.

We are unable to ship nail polish, latex or topcoat to any of these locations.

Duty charges may be applied at the discretion of customs. These charges differ from country to country and are the customer's responsibility.

Please note: Any order that may have a sold-out item(s) during time of packing will be dispatched without item(s) and refund accordingly.


Where products are in stock, we normally dispatch orders within 24 hours. If you wish to cancel an order, please contact us as soon as possible with details of your order number at:

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However, if the items have already been sent out, then we will e-mail you confirmation of the dispatch date and you will need to wait until receipt of the goods and contact us upon their arrival before we can process either returns and/or refund to your account.


In MoYou London we take great pride in our products quality - in any case that you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact us directly to and we'll take it from there.

In case you would like an exchange or refund for any other reason, we offer a 28-Day Replacement or Refund policy (excluding P&P). Please contact our customer service. Make sure the product is unused and in its original packaging. If for any reason the item your ordered did not arrive in a perfect condition or with any fault, please let us know and we will sort it out.

We appreciate feedback of any kind - in case you are unhappy for any reason from your products or service you received, please let us know.

Return address:

Sprocket Express
Attn: Returns Dept.
MoYou London
23 W Bacon St. #5
Plainville, MA 02762


If for any reason your product does not reach you in perfect condition, please contact our customer care teams to arrange for a replacement. We guarantee that all of our products are of merchantable quality in accordance with your statutory rights. If an item develops a fault or defect, please contact our customer care team with details of the problem quoting your order number and we will advise you of actions to be taken.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Diane Scrivins
Love love love!

These are so easily to apply and take off, no damage, promote growth to my natural nail and look lovely, this is my second order now with more to come!

Had high hopes, but weren’t fulfilled

I brought the clear gels, unfortunately they came off after 3 days, took great care in applying them. They took forever to harden, 5 times under the UV nail lamp and still didn’t feel completely hard. Felt very nervous trimming them and using the nail file, as I was worried I was going to weaken them. I was really disappointed. As for the gel top coat, the lid kept falling off the brush, I couldn’t get it to screw up, or undo as the lid just kept spinning, so I had to discard it. I won’t be purchasing again as I was so unhappy with my purchase.

Tara Greaney

These Crystal Clear Gel nail strips are amazing. The can stand up to the wear and tear of daily activities and are so easy to put on. The have prevented my nails from breaking so they can grow to a good length.


Easy to put on, just followed the instructions. Stayed on for 2 weeks for me, would of stayed on longer if I left them on. I will be buying them again

A great little help!

This is ideal if you are trying to grow your nails or as a strengthening aid post acrylics.
It was my first time trying this brand and so far I am a Lover! (Is holding properly in place almost 3 weeks in, with no lifting whatsoever)
Can’t wait to try the different varieties.



Learn how to use MoYou London Gel Strips in 4 easy steps. Check the section above for more indepth instructions and tips!


    MoYou London Gel Nail Strips are made of real gel and can be easily applied as stickers!

  • TRIM

    You can use a pair of scissors or nail clippers to trim any excess and file it for a smooth finish!

  • CURE

    Using MoYou London UV/LED Lamp cure your nails for 60 seconds to harden them.


    Get professional long-lasting results that will leave everyone amazed!

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